Sometimes we all need someone to listen.


More than that, we need people to really hear us while withholding judgment. We need someone to ask us the right questions, even if they are difficult. Individual therapy can provide this kind of help in a safe, confidential setting.



Family life can be hard.


It can also be rewarding when families build habits of respect, cooperation, and love. Sometimes questions, exercises, and new perspectives help families remove barriers to family growth and cohesion.


Life partnership can be extremely difficult.


But when couples see these difficulties as a manageable challenge, it can also be rich. Taking time to listen, share, and grow in understanding of one another is vitally important. Couples also need to build skills, process difficult experiences in a safe way, and identify feelings of discouragement. Whatever the need, we can help you learn to work as partners, rather than competitors.



Children can push parents to their limit.


Parents sometimes need fresh strategies for approaching the challenge of misbehaving and struggling children. Learning to reduce conflict and misbehavior while also gaining confidence and respect for their children is vitally important. We provide principled, practical strategies that are respectful of your family values.